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    Robert Lofgren

    Patience everyone!

    In sweden they'd call me Robban. Bob isn't a common swedish name.

    For some reason I'm cqlling it a binary blob, just like I'm saying

    Robert Lofgren 26 Minutes Ago Go to last post

    New ultradrive?

    +1 for that!

    Jerrylee 28 Minutes Ago Go to last post
    Corey Johnson

    Firmware X32 V2.02

    Way to go Neil... now Apple is going to buy Behringer and take all the faders off the x32 and put in a touch screen.
    On the other hand- at least

    Corey Johnson 33 Minutes Ago Go to last post
    Corey Johnson

    Anyone Using Ducking on FX?

    That's the way I would do it, but just for verb.
    I sure wouldn't want to have to explain to a subbing sound guy how it's supposed to work though

    Corey Johnson 36 Minutes Ago Go to last post
    Glenn Adams

    Firmware X32 V2.02

    No but if enough people stop buying the stuff they may want to listen. One company bailing on iOS devices may not do much.
    My iPad 1 is still working

    Glenn Adams 1 Hour Ago Go to last post