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    Mike Downs

    Disconnect on scene save

    I also had this issue. But don't know how to fix it? Maybe the new release will.


    Mike Downs 2 Minutes Ago Go to last post
    Kyran Dunn

    Two Point Ohhhhh!

    Even if they are pre loaded with 2.x you can always reload 1.15. Behringer doesn't restrict that like other companies.

    : )

    Kyran Dunn 4 Minutes Ago Go to last post
    Jim Ingraham

    Disconnect on scene save

    Just now getting around to figuring out how to work with scenes and am having trouble with getting disconnected from x32 Edit whenever I try to save something.

    Jim Ingraham 10 Minutes Ago Go to last post

    X18 Ship Date

    Except here in the UK where the price is still too high.....

    Jerrylee 16 Minutes Ago Go to last post
    Ryan Hammond

    High Impedance Mic Pres

    Does anyone know why they use high impedance mic pres in the PRO series and X32? The Avid SC48 has ~5.5k Ohm input impedance. I am just curious if there's

    Ryan Hammond 19 Minutes Ago Go to last post