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    Ryan Hammond

    HA Split Bug / unexpected results FW2.02

    It's not really a bug. On the PRO series, they also have the split, but its on two gain pots instead of another screen. Some people like to control the

    Ryan Hammond 15 Minutes Ago Go to last post
    Ryan Hammond

    Impressed by the x32

    Glad to hear that your X32 prevented a potentially "catastrophic" incident! I don't know of "road ready" wifi routers lol... that

    Ryan Hammond 19 Minutes Ago Go to last post
    Kyran Dunn

    System locking up / Spontanious Reboot

    Overnight update. I was up most of the night re-creating the same process as before and the board is performing absolutely rock solid. Pulling the flash

    Kyran Dunn 44 Minutes Ago Go to last post
    Harold Feit

    USB recording format change please!

    Last I checked, the x32 was limited to FAT32 devices, which means 32gb per device (there's stability issues above that size on FAT32) and 2-4gb per-file.

    Harold Feit 48 Minutes Ago Go to last post
    Scott Bolt

    Patience everyone!

    I am pretty sure that the RTA is a problem. They have said that the new version of the iPad software will not have it, and I thin they have said the

    Scott Bolt 1 Hour Ago Go to last post