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    Paul Vannatto

    S16 Phantom Power Not Working

    Hi Terry,

    Welcome to the forum. Just curious, is there a serial number on the back of that S16?


    Paul Vannatto 1 Minute Ago Go to last post
    Mark Mertz

    assinging a mute of the matrix to a mute group

    I think he wants to mute more than just Matrix 3. Since you can't put matrices in mute groups (or in a DCA which you could also mute easily), I think

    Mark Mertz 4 Minutes Ago Go to last post
    Glenn Adams

    Ut Oh

    Looks like someone has been listening to these posts.
    Playing catch up and then some. A 32X16 all in one rack unit and common browser based interface,

    Glenn Adams 16 Minutes Ago Go to last post
    Tim Padrick

    Room Correction

    The dip may be from the speakers being placed 3.5' from a boundary (wall, floor, ceiling). The bumps at 60 and 120 are likely from room dimensions of

    Tim Padrick 18 Minutes Ago Go to last post
    Tim Padrick

    First recording...disappointing.

    Vocal comp? The standard channel comp is pretty good if you use the sidechain EQ. Start with 3.5kHz, Peaking filter, with the Slope on 1, Ratio at 6:1-ish,

    Tim Padrick 36 Minutes Ago Go to last post